Space Robotics

Robotic technologies are beneficial for future space exploration for high productivity, low cost, and high reliability. We have been developing some fundamental technologies for space robotics for many years and have made contributions in design, control, dynamics, modeling and real-time implementation of various space robotics systems.

We are currently interested in the following research problems:

(1)Underactuated robot: dynamic compiling, nonholonomic natures, and robust control.

(2)Free-floating/free flighting robot: dynamics, control, stabilization, and design.

(3)Telerobotics: time-delay due to communication and system dynamics, delay insensitive interface.

(4)Aerospace robotics testbed: zero-gravity environment, free-floating experimental testbed.

(5)Space operational robots: extra-vehicle activity, inner-vehicle activity, ball-type micro-robotic-satellite.