Intelligent Omni-Directional Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Today we face two major crises: the problem of energy and emission. The hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) concept is the best approach to solve them, as it saves fuel energy by optimizing the vehicle power and at the same time reduces pollution by controlling the emission. Serial HEVs also simplify the mechanical transmission and makes it possible for ‘drive by wire’.

The proposal is to develop a serial hybrid electric vehicle platform that demonstrates the key technologies for commercial use. It will involve the following three major areas:

(1) Intelligent energy management and control technology based on serial hybrid design for optimization of engine. We will develop an intelligent HEV energy management and control system that harmonizes the following key components:

Battery as power source

Engine/Electric generator as auxiliary power unit

Electric motor for wheels

Control area network for communication between components in the vehicle

HEV control system for the coordination and control between the components

Power management and control system that optimizes vehicle performance based on output power, fuel consumption and emission.

(2) 4-independent-wheel-drive that can improve the efficiency through electronic differential which substitute for mechanic differential; wheel control system that can enable 4-wheel-steering with independent suspension for omni-directional motion:

4-wheel drive

4-wheel steering

Antiskid control in multiple directions

Intelligent road condition estimation

(3) Intelligent electronic system for coordination of forward collision warning and avoidance system stop&go and cruise system and intelligent information platform:

An automatic navigational system for parking based on restricted maneuvers that advantage of 4WS mechanism

Intelligent architectural-electronic-based information platform that supports

Intelligent car safety system based on modeling of human dynamic driving behaviors

The goal is to save 20% fuel consumption, and substantially reduce pollution emission and improve safety. It is believable that the IOHEV R&D will impact significantly impact car manufacturing, energy as well as environment protection.