Marine Robot

The team has actively arranged the research and development of marine robot system. The marine robot team has established a core scientific research team of more than 10 people, including 3 professors (overseas high-level talents), 4 doctors, 6 doctoral students, 3 engineers and research assistants. At present, the marine robot team also has many basic advanced experimental equipment, such as surface unmanned boat, unmanned sailing boat minicat310, Dajiang UAVM600 pro, UR5 mechanical arm, kinova seven axis mechanical arm, infrared three-dimensional motion capture system, high-precision sick laser radar, GPS global positioning system, GPU supercomputing platform, etc. Relying on the beautiful Shenxian lake of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), we have built and completed the wireless network water air cooperative unmanned system test platform, forming the full-automatic remote control marine robot cluster system, such as unmanned aerial vehicle cooperation, unmanned aerial vehicle cooperation, unmanned aerial vehicle cooperation, etc., to meet the test requirements of marine equipment and robot research and development.



Shenxian Lake marine robot test field


Communication sensor equipment and RTK-GPS


Located in the Universiade Sports Park, Shenxian lake is located in the middle Park of the school. The lake is sparkling and surrounded by mountains. The greenway beside the lake is surrounded by the jungle, which echoes with the fairy lake, and can experience the artistic conception of "winding paths lead to seclusion".


Unmanned sailboat

1) Facing the sea environment, the unmanned sailboat system which can make full use of wind energy, wave energy, solar energy and other natural energy is designed, and it can adapt to the bad weather by optimizing the design;

2) Based on the technology of autonomous planning and motion control, it breaks through the key technology of adaptability and stability of unmanned system in the sea disturbance environment, and the technology of environmental perception of external disturbance, which lays the foundation for autonomous navigation, dynamic obstacle avoidance and application;

3) With new power technology and renewable energy as the main breakthrough, we will vigorously develop the long-term navigation system (including the integration of the energy collection system coupled with wind and water and the robot body, the system integration and optimization of various energy collection technologies, the engineering system technology of energy collection devices, and the intelligent energy management system);


Based on independent control, the unmanned boat is oriented to environmental survey, patrol detection, emergency response and other tasks. Research direction: motion control, path planning, obstacle avoidance strategy and innovative application of unmanned boat, etc.

1) Under the disturbance of wind flow and surge, the key technologies of adaptability, stability control and track keeping algorithm, path planning, obstacle avoidance emergency and environmental awareness of unmanned boat system;

2) Taking the unmanned boat as the carrier, facing the practical needs of water quality detection, port investigation, bridge detection, etc., it carries six parameter water quality detector, lidar, camera, sonar and other sensing equipment to complete the data collection task, and completes the detection task based on big data and in-depth learning;